6 Secret SEO Ranking Tactics That Work

Quick and easy SEO tactics to implement that will boost rankings and traffic to your site.

1. Need content for your PBN? Use yelp to help type your niche plus closed business in google you will get a list of reportedly closed business. Follow the links make sure they are actually closed. Then take the url toss it into the way back machine and voila you have a pre made web site . Give the content a quick re write and your good . You also want to check out the sites in majestic to see how they look backlinks profile you may want to scoop them up to add to your PBN.

2. Rank YouTube video without actually creating the video so you can find out if the keyword will rank. Go to YouTube -> video creator -> live streaming -> events -> create new event. Set time 30 min from current time and put your keyword to title description and tag. Wait 5 minutes sometimes longer. When you see first page ranking you can create normal video and be 100% sure it will rank.

3. For local embedding a map in a press release and category selection. For organic using a 301 or a exit redirect as a link buffer and inner linking w exact match and pm anchors and pushing links thru those to the target page.

4. Local SEO – embed a 30 sec YouTube video with keyword optimized voice over (kw in title & description on YouTube, too) onto a blog post with kw in title & optimized on page. Post will link out to external keyword author link, internal link to page you want to rank. Add rewritten post with all same attributes (just different video and links (link to post) and shoot both with PBN/Outreach links and social. Make sure your RSS feed is embedded in various places, brand web 2.0s to start.

5. Create a new Geo+KW page for an area around the client’s biz address. More impressive if you create new pages for all the surrounding areas. Clients love this. Then do a little optimization of client’s site to take fuller advantage of all this new G love.

6. Check the top 30 or 40 serp results of your keyword for links to expired domains buy them… You just got a link from your competitor.

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