July 24, 2017

Our Approach

Working Hand In Hand with You

Sidetank’s in-depth process blends the best of content strategy, SEO, and promotion to help your brand build credibility, engagement, and leads. While others outsource their writing and focus more on quantity than quality, our team of content creators take a more strategic approach that propels performance.


Phase 1: Research and Analysis

We begin by gathering the data needed to make sound decisions and develop a smart strategy. This phase often includes a client kickoff meeting, customer journey mapping, keyword research, and a content gap analysis.

Phase 2: Strategy Development

With data in hand, our team develops a strategic plan for reaching your goals. This plan describes the tactics that best align with your objectives, while considering practical details like the team, resources, and workflow that will be required to make it happen.

Phase 3: Content Production

With the strategy set, we assigns writers and designers who have expertise in your industry to begin content production and implementation. While going through the production phase, we focus on developing content that reflects industry best practices and our high internal standards.

Phase 4: Promotion

Amazing content goes wasted if it is not promoted. That is the beauty of our expertise in both content strategy and content marketing. By creating a promotion schedule that leverages smart marketing and promotional avenues, our team multiplies the effectiveness of your content and drives results.

Phase 5: Measurement & Analysis

Each campaign is assigned a set of KPIs that drive success checkpoints which we can measure against. After a strategy is executed we review performance to ensure it aligns with the monthly and quarterly goals. This strategy is then optimized for future execution based on results that we’re seeing.

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