July 12, 2017

Our Services

Digital Marketing Strategy

People don’t want advertising when making a purchase decision, they want valuable information – content. Our services help you build an audience that builds your business.


Driving traffic and leads to your site starts with understanding the mechanism that allows you to rank in alignment with the search engine ever-changing algorithms. At Sidetank we audit your site for hundreds of ranking factors and conduct keyword research that maps the right pages to the right keywords for optimization.

Content Strategy Development

With the keyword research in hand, we begin learning about your target audience and their specific needs and pain points. This allows us to develop a targeted and relevant content strategy that attacks and engages your visitors.

Creative Design and Copywriting

Every strategy we develop guides a tactical plan for production and implementation. It leads the creative vision for though-leadership content, research studies, infographics, rich articles, videos and much more.

Content Marketing

In order to get the most out of the content on your site, it must be shared beyond your blog or core pages. By re-purposing and promoting your content on third-party sites you build trust and authority for your brand that opens the door to new users. With content promoted off-site it has the potential to gain natural links and visibility through influencers in your space.

Social Media Marketing

Integrated into Content Marketing, we design a Social Media promotion plan that gains visibility across the social space through both native and organic advertising.

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