July 24, 2017

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Solution

If you’re marketing your business online, you’re probably already doing content marketing whether or not you realize it. Blogging, newsletters, YouTube videos, e-books—these are all examples of content created for the purpose of promoting your company. Most companies create content on a sporadic schedule, trying to fit it in whenever they have time. To get real value from your content, you need a content creation plan, an organized workflow, and a way to measure success.

Why Are You Creating Content?

It’s not good enough to create content because everyone else is doing it. You need a clear idea of what content marketing will accomplish for your company. We have a number of content marketing tactics that shape a strategic approach.

Customer Persona Development

A workshop that defines your ideal target audience and their needs and pain points.

User Journey Mapping

With the right persona created we then map their flow through your site and map specific questions, information needs and identify content opportunities.

Style & Tone Guide Creation

Having a style and tone guide helps you establish an image and give your site character. This guide sets the stage for all future content development and serves as a guiding star for all content creators.

Content Audits

Leveraging your target persona’s journey through your site with keyword research, we conduct a review of your full site inventory or sample various pages to understand what content engages and identify content that needs improvement. Based on a set of qualitative and quantitative metrics we provide you with detailed findings and recommendations for improvement.

Content Strategy Development

After auditing your site, we create a content strategy that follows underlying themes and touches on governance, promotion and measurement process for your content.

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