July 12, 2017


SEO Solution


In most cases our clients, like you, already have a website that is generating some traffic. In some cases that traffic might be significant. We typically begin most campaigns by looking at the Conversion and gauging how well your website converts visitors into leads and sales. We identify opportunities to optimize your site and increase the conversion rate of your visitors by reviewing key pages for elements like calls to action, page layout, text formatting, product descriptions, etc. These opportunities are quick wins to help grow bottom line results as we analyze and develop your core SEO strategy. The success of the remaining SEO tactics is multiplied by making improvements to your conversion first.


Next, we turn our attention to Content. Content exists across your website, blogs and social profiles in forms of text, videos, images, PDF files, and more. When your prospects are searching Google, they’re looking to solve a problem, find answers to questions, or decide between products. While they’re doing this research, your website’s goal is to have the right information in place that engages them and helps them make a buying decision.  This is why the quality of your site and content are important in making sure that both Google and prospects can trust your expertise as a reputable and authoritative business. We review the quality of your content and create a strategy to deliver relevant information that accurately answers your buyer’s questions and helps them convert.

SEO and Technical Optimization

With the right content in place, we want to make sure it’s both targeting the right people and has the right features to rank well in the search engines. This leads to SEO and Web Optimization. We first look at different types of buyer personas your business is targeting, and the kinds of services or products that you’re offering. We then conduct thorough keyword research and create a mapping of keywords to the pages on your site.  Not only does this help align both buyers and search engines with your website, but it also ensures that the keywords you’re ranking for attract motivated prospects to your site. After doing keyword research we optimize existing pages to make sure that your website ranks and your content provides the most relevant answers. We also uncover missed keyword opportunities to take advantage of. To capitalize on these missed opportunities, we develop fresh content or improve current content around the new keywords.


Once we have the content and the optimization completed, the next big element in the search engine algorithm is Authority. Just like users, search engines look for votes, reviews, social mentions and referrals to know your company and website is trustworthy. They measure your site’s Authority by quantity and quality of other sites that link to your webpages. To increase your authority we identify the best sites that should be linking to yours and create a plan to earn these links through content, citations and shares. We create great content to publish on these sites that provides real value to prospects, establishes your company as an authority, and creates valuable links back to your site.


After your links are built and your site gains authority, the final step in our approach is Promotion. Google goes one step further in evaluating your site’s authority by looking so see that the web pages linking to your site attract visitors and are shared through social media. Sidetank accelerates this by reaching out to influencers in your market to promote your off-site content, encouraging them to share these resources with their followers. Our promotion process targets the watering holes and social gathering places where your industry influencers and target audience congregate online. Serving your content up to the right people and in the right place makes it easy for them to see the value and share it with others.

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