July 12, 2017

About Us

Strategic Digital Marketing Agency

15 Years of Digital Success

Driving industry innovation, with deep subject matter experts, each with over a decade of agency and corporate experience in SEO, Content & Authority development.

Client Success

Providing strong business results for thousands of firms across dozens of industries from startups to Fortune 500 and multinational corporations.

Business Growth Framework

Aligning marketing to the cadence of business with annual goals, quarterly rocks, milestones, tactics and accountability.

Our Background

Sidetank is a Phoenix-based SEO and Content Marketing consultation company comprised of top experts in the industry. From SaaS to beauty and eCommerce we’ve worked with hundreds of clients to get their site and digital marketing in the best shape to be competitive in their space online.

In your past experiences working with marketing agencies, you have probably noticed several frustrating trends: Lack of transparency and results. Failure to deliver. A drought of creative ideas. Hidden fees. The list goes on and on.

Those frustrations are the product of a traditional marketing process and broken agency model. It’s time to find a better way for high-growth, capitalized businesses like yours to make their digital marketing more current — with the help of Sidetank.

Whether your company wants to increase conversions, improve search rankings, drive more traffic, generate leads, or achieve a different objective, our goal is to help you achieve yours. Together, we will:

  • Improve results and accelerate growth
  • Enhance communication, collaboration, accountability, and proactivity
  • Get more value out of your marketing budget
  • Increase planning flexibility and risk management

The Sidetank Difference

To deliver the highest levels of ROI and satisfaction, we’ve developed a company that is structured for your success at all levels.


    Specialty roles that collaborate to deliver expertise and performance every step of the way

    Direct access to the experts who are managing your campaigns, which maximizes accountability and increases efficiency


    Focus on optimizing the customer journey to provide your audience with the right information, in the right place, at the right time, in the right way

    Deep discovery and strategy development phase to help determine if Sidetank is a good fit for you and gather much-needed details that will inform your marketing strategy

    Goal setting process that maximizes success by working with your team to outline specific, measurable marketing goals, tie those goals back to your business objectives, and create a plan for measuring progress over time

    Five Pillar Approach to provide a framework of five holistically integrated functions that support the success of your marketing

    Quick Starts that begin moving the needle right away, while laying the groundwork for long-term improvements


    Brand promise that our rewards are based on campaign performance and client happiness, which increases accountability for us and peace of mind for you

    Accountability matrix assigns each team member a partner who ensures they deliver on their promises to you